Application Managers can manage Reminder Notifications for School Forms.
  1. Navigate to the Persona in which the form is located.
  2. Select Settings > School Forms
  3. Click Settings to the right of the form.
  4. Select the Reminder Notification tab.
  5. Set the Status to Active or Inactive: Inactive Reminder Notifications will not be sent.
  6. Enter the Reply E-mail: where replies to the notification will go.
  7. Enter the From Name: the name you want the reminder to show as being sent from.
  8. Subject: Reminder Notification subject line.
  9. Select your Reminder Option: select when you want the Reminder to be sent. NOTE: Send when activated will not work if the form was already active. If the form is already active, a manager can turn the notification itself to Status: Inactive > Save, then go back in and set the notification to Status: Active, and the notification will be sent.
  10. Enter your Email Body: select any Placeholders you want used in the body of the Reminder Notification. Only the Placeholders shown here are available. These cannot be manually added or changed.
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