Application Managers can manage Reminder Notifications for School Forms.
  1. Navigate to the module in which the form is located.
  2. Select Content > School Forms
  3. Select Settings to the right of the form.
  4. Select the Reminder Notification tab.
  5. Set the Status to Active or Inactive (Inactive Reminder Notifications will not be sent.)
  6. Enter the Reply E-mail: where replies to the notification will go.
  7. Enter the From Name: the name you want the reminder to show as being sent from.
  8. Subject: Reminder Notification subject line.
  9. Select your Reminder Option: select when you want the Reminder to be sent. NOTE: Send when activated will not work if the form was already active. If the form is already active, a manager can turn the notification itself to Status: Inactive > Save, then go back in and set the notification to Status: Active, and the notification will be sent.
  10. Enter your Email Body: select any Placeholders you want used in the body of the Reminder Notification. Only the Placeholders shown here are available. These cannot be manually added or changed.
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