Payment outside selected date range showing in total revenue and payments report

When running the total revenue and payments report, you may find that there is a payment outside the date range entered displaying in the payment method distribution section.  In addition, when running your Total Revenue Report for the date of a payment, the payment may be missing from the report if it was an online sales order that was unresolved.  If you expand the date range of the report, you then see the payment. 
This can be caused when an unresolved online sales order was completed at a later date than the online order was submitted. 

For example, a patron purchased a ticket online on 3/17, but there was some problem with the order.  Altru created an unresolved online sales order, but that unresolved order wasn't fixed and completed until 3/29.  This would cause the revenue date of the order to be 3/29 and it to show on the Total Revenue Report on 3/29, even though the payment date shows 3/17 when the payment was made online.

To confirm this was an unresolved online sales order, go to the order record, and click on the Documentation tab.  If it was an unresolved online sales order, you will see a Warning note with the original error that caused the order to be unresolved. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Revenue, select the Total revenue and payments report
  2. Enter your date range and mark the box for Payment method distribution
  3. Look at your payment method distribution and see that there is a payment outside your date range
  4. Go to that order, see the order date and payment date are outside of the date range of the report.
  5. Go to Analysis > information library.  Add an ad-hoc query.  Select the source view of Revenue.
  6. In the middle, click on Date and move to Results Fields to Display.
  7. On the left, click on Sales Order.  In the middle, click on lookup ID and move to Include Records Where.
  8. Set the criteria to the lookup id of the sales order.
  9. Go to Preview Results and see that the revenue date is inside the date range of the Total Revenue Report.


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