Users are prompted for credentials each time after returning to CRM Mobilize when navigating to Google Maps

When doing a prospect search in CRM Mobilize and after opening the record if the hyperlink for the address is selected you will be directed for Google Maps which will show the map for the constituent's address. When going to back to the Mobilize icon on the phone and initiating CRM Mobilize users are prompted again for credentials.

When using iOS select the option at the top left of Google Maps to return to Safari.  This will return the user back to the record within Mobilize.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Click on the Mobilize icon to initiate CRM Mobilize on the mobile device
2. Enter the username and password and click Enter
3. On the Welcome to Blackbaud Mobile screen select Prospects\Prospect Search
4. Type in the name of the prospect you would like to search for
5. On the prospect record select the address which is a hyperlink. This hyperlink will take you to Google Maps which displays the prospect's address in Google Maps in the mobile device's browser.
6. Go back to the Mobilize icon on the mobile device and note that you will be prompted for credentials again even though you just navigated away briefly to look at the Google Map.



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