Step 1: Pre-configuration Tasks: (Follow these steps if you need to add a new membership renewal letter/package. If not, skip to Step 2.)

If you plan to mail a letter:
  1. Create a Membership Letter (Mail)
    1. In Marketing and Communications, under Packages, click Export definitions
    2. Click "Membership Renewal Effort (Mail)," then click Generate header file
    3. Save the CSV file
    4. In Microsoft Word, using the mail merge function, select this CSV as the data source
    5. Write your letter, inserting merge fields as necessary into the letter
    6. Save the Word document
  2. Add the Membership Letter to Altru 
    1. In Marketing and Communications, click Letters, then click Add a membership renewal letter
    2. Enter the letter name in the Name field
    3. In the Export definition field, click the magnifying glass, then select the "Membership Renewal Effort (Mail)" option
    4. Click the green arrow icon to upload the Word document you created in the previous step. (Note: This letter must be in .docx format)
    5. Click Save
If you plan to send an email:
  1. Add the Membership Email to Altru 
    1. In Marketing and Communications, click Email marketing, then click Add a membership email
    2. In the Select export definition field, click the magnifying glass, then select the "Membership Renewal Effort (Email)" option
    3. Click Continue
    4. Enter the email name in the Name field
    5. Enter a Subject, From address, From name, Reply address, and Failure notification address
    6. In the content editor, enter the email's content
      1. Note: If you would like the email to have a direct link for the patron to renew their membership, click the Hyperlink button in your email. Insert the URL: For example: 
        Under Text to display, type what you'd like that renewal link to say. For example: Click here to renew.  Then click OK. This link creates a renewal page for each patron that receives the email, with their member name(s) added to the form and their current membership level's button highlighted.  
    7. Click Save
Attach the letter or email to a Package:
  1. In Marketing and Communications, click Packages
  2. Click Add a mail package or Add an email package
  3. Under Package Details, enter a unique name and description to help identify the package
  4. In the Category field, select the category for the package
  5. Under Costs, enter the cost of the package
  6. Under Primary Content, search for and select the letter or email message to content to the package
  7. Click Save

Step 2: Associate the Package with a Template:
  1. In Marketing and Communications, click Membership renewal efforts
  2. Select the Templates tab
  3. Click on the Membership Renewal Template you want to add the additional letter/email package to
  4. On the Membership Rules tab, click Add
  5. In the Segment filed, click the magnifying glass
  6. In the Segment Search window, click Add
  7. On the Add membership segment window, enter a name for the segment in the Name field (e.g. Membership Renewal - X months after expiration)
  8. Under Selections, add a selection for the membership program you would like to mail to:
    1. Click Add
    2. On the Marketing Selection Search window, click Add and select Smart query
    3. Select Membership smart query and click OK. The New Smart Query window appears.
    4. On the Parameters tab, select the Membership program and Membership level. If not mailing to a specific level leave this blank.
    5. Mark the Limit to memberships where the current month is checkbox, and choose the appropriate timing for the new segment (e.g. X months after expiration)
    6. Select the Set save options tab
    7. Enter a name for the query
    8. Click Save
  9. Under Selections, add a selection of the Mailing preference you would like to use:
    1. On the Marketing Selection Search window, search for an existing Mailing preference query. Select the Mailing preference query for the membership program this renewal notice process is for (e.g. Annual Dues-based Membership - Mailing Preference - Mail (Smart Query))
  10. Click Save
  11. In the Package field, add the package you created for this membership renewal segment
  12. Click Save

Step 3: Process your Membership Renewals (Note: This will process all the segments in your Membership Renewal Notice Process)
  1. In Memberships, click the Membership Program name
  2. Click Process membership renewal notices
  3. Select the specific membership renewal notice to process in the Membership renewal notices drop down list
  4. Select to use an existing appeal or create a new appeal
  5. Click Start