In order for the student's transfer years to appear in onRecord, a Platform Manager will first need to add transfer years to the student's enrollment record.

A Platform Manager can add transfer years using the following steps:
  1. Navigate to Core > Users/Access > Profile > Edit User Profile Data.
  2. Search for the user and click on their name.
  3. Click on Student Enrollment in the System Information box.
  4. Click Enroll in Transfer.
  5. Select the appropriate Transfer School from the dropdown.
  6. Select the appropriate School Year and Grade.
  7. Enter the Enroll Date and Depart Date.
  8. Click Save & Exit.
One the transfer year has been added, you will be able to add transfer grades to that year using the following steps:
  1. Navigate to onRecord > Procedure > Grading > Manage Grades.
  2. Search for the student.
  3. Click View next to Grades & Credits - Transfer.
  4. Click Add Transfer Course next to the appropriate year.
  5. Select the appropriate Grade Category, Equivalent Course, and Transcript Categories from the dropdown.
  6. Enter the original Course Title.
  7. Click Save.