Can I delete queries and reports?

While some items in the database cannot be deleted due to data integrity, queries (that have no dependency) and reports can be deleted if you determine you no longer need them.
Before you start deleting queries and reports, keep these things in mind:
  • Start at the bottom of the query category to avoid running into issues with dependent queries.
  • Look at the Created and Last Used time stamps next to the query to help determine if you should delete it or not.
  • Coordinate with your colleagues to make sure you aren't deleting anything they're working on or will need in the future.
To delete a Query:

1. Click Queries
2. Click the category that the query is in
3. Click Delete beneath the name of the query

Note: If your query has a dependency (which means it is being used as the 'Starting Query' of another query or makes up one of the queries in a Compound query) you will receive the following notification: "Sorry, we were unable to perform the action you requested. This query has a dependent and can not be deleted."

To delete a Report:

1. Click Reports
2. Click on the category that the report is in
3. Click Delete beneath the name of the report

Note: There is currently not a way to mass delete queries and reports, so this is always done one at a time.



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