[A] The appropriate column isn't selected to display

1. In the bank register, right-click on any of the column headers
2. Select "columns" from the context menu
3a. If you see "Balance" in the left-hand menu, double click it to add to your view
3b. If you do not see "Balance" in the left-hand menu, proceed to scenario B.


[B] The user has insufficient viewing rights

At least one group to which the user is assigned needs to have the rights detailed in the following steps:

1. Go to Administration > Set up system security
2. Click "Shared components" on the left side
3. Highlight "Bank Accounts" on the right side (check this box if it is not already)
4. Click "options" to see additional options for Bank Accounts
5. Highlight "Cash Management" on the left side (check this box if it is not already)
6. Ensure "View account balance" under miscellaneous options is checked
7. Have the user sign-out of The Financial Edge then sign back in