My payments aren't posting to the General Ledger

When running the post process, users may notice that certain payments are not posting to the General Ledger, although the transactions are mapped and in locked deposits.
This can occur if the user that creates the Post to GL process, no longer has any roles associated with their user account in Altru. This can occur if the user left the organization, and had all of their roles removed.

To resolve this, one of the following actions will need to be taken: 
  1. A user with appropriate access needs to create a new Post to GL process with the same settings. 
  2. Add back a role to the user that originally created the Post to GL process to allow it to run successfully. 
Failure to do at least one of the options above may result in transactions missing from the post file. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Financials, click Post Revenue to GL
  2. Edit the post process, and ensure that the Post dates include up to past the dates of the transactions
  3. Ensure that the Deposits, Revenue, and Bank account adjustments include "All Not Posted" transactions, revenue, and adjustments
  4. Click Save
  5. Run the post process by clicking Start process
  6. Go to Financials > Account distribution report
  7. Run the report for a certain time frame, and set Post status to Not posted
  8. Note that transactions that are mapped and also in locked deposits show up on this list


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