Temporary tables are generated in database

While exploring the CRM database, many temporary tables such as CREDITCARDPROCESSING_0074duv6_e934_5rts3_34fd and EXPORT_45b23d23c_42304_w3dr are stored.
These temporary tables are created dynamically as processes run (during batch processing, credit card processing, etc). These tables are important to storing information while the process runs. After the process is complete, the temp table basically becomes clutter that stores the process’ metadata. Certain processes have a cleanup function which clears out the temp tables, but others don’t. Our R&D team is always working to make things run more efficiently, and our next Service Pack will include some functions to clean up some of these tables.
Each of the BATCHCONTROLREPORT tables just contains information for the Batch Control Report, which is just metadata for each batch (who created it, when it was committed, who committed it, etc). The batch should function just fine if the BATCHCONTROLREPORT table associated with it is deleted. Note that it does store the information for the Batch Control Report for that batch, which will be important if you ever need to audit the information from that particular batch.
All of the CREDITCARDPROCESSING and EXPORT tables are just created dynamically as those processes run. Once the individual process is complete, and it won’t be used again for the same information, the temp table with its guid will likely no longer be used.
In summary, these tables are part of the system’s internal processing.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Open SQL Server Management Studio
2) Open a local instance of CRM
3) Scroll through list of tables


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