How to query on Event Registrations with waived fees

When manually entering a Registration for an Event into CRM, the option to waive registration fees is available. This waives event registration fees for the constituent being registered for the event. At a later time, you may want to query on registrations with waived fees.
Create an ad-hoc query with the type Registrants. Set the criteria to query on registrations where the Registration fee doesn’t equal the fee on the option. To do this, set the query criteria to:

Registrations\ Registration fee is equal to 0

And Registrations\ Registration fee is not equal to Registrations\ Registration Options\ Registration fee AND is not blank

Steps to Duplicate

1) On the event, click the Registrations tab
2) Click Add
3) Enter a constituent
4) Set the Registration Option, Registrant, and then mark the Wave Registration Fee checkbox
5) Decide to find out which registrations have had registration fees waived this way


 Blackbaud CRM

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