To setup new Languages Spoken at Home, go to Core:
  1. Select Settings
  2. Then select Table Values
  3. Click Edit to the right of Languages
  4. Click + Add Option to add a new language
  5. Type the name of the Language and an Abbreviation if desired
  6. Click Save
Adding a new Language Spoken at Home to a user's profile
  1. Search for the user in Core, onBoard or onRecord using the People Finder
  2. Select Contact Card
  3. Scroll down and click Edit for Citizenship/Resident
  4. Select a language in the Languages Spoken at Home section
  5. Click Save
Note: To select more than one language when assigning a language spoken at home to a user, hold down Control on a PC or Command on a Mac, then click all of on the options you wish to include before clicking save.