Flat rate pricing is set up so that it includes taxes and fees within the pricing. In order to adjust flat rate pricing, go to:
  1. Sales, then Group Sales
  2. Click on Group sales settings (under Tasks)
  3. Click the Flat Rate Pricing tab
  4. Expand and edit the Rate Scale
  5. Change the pricing and click Save
Note: Under Prices, if the users selects Rate scale uses multiple prices, then selects Group over xx pays Per ticket for additional attendees, taxes will not pull in from Program pricing.  Users will have to build the taxes into the program price types themselves. To adjust price types on programs:
  1. On the program record, select the Prices tab
  2. Click Edit
  3. Select a price type. If the price type you need does not appear in the list, enter a new one. A confirmation message appears when a new price type is created
  4. Enter the face price for the selected price type. The face price is the advertised price of the ticket
  5. Click Save