Why Are Awarded MVOD Benefits not Syncing In The Daily MVAULT Sync To Obtain The Activation Code?

Troubleshooting tips to help identify reasons why awarded MVOD benefits are not syncing.
The daily MVault sync is designed to only pull MVOD benefits if the previously awarded MEM benefit has an end date.  Confirm that the Gift_Type is configured to extend the expiration date, so that if a new MEM benefit package is awarded, it replaces the existing MEM benefit.

You can check the "Extend" value in TA frontend by opening the Gift_Type in the Gift Type Code Entry screen.  The "Extend" value must be either 'R' (Reset using current start date) or 'Y' (Reset using current expire date).

For more information for TAPS and MVault, see article:  Overview and Troubleshooting Information for TAPS and MVault

Note: Frakture is responsible for taking data from the FROM_TA table and populating the TO_TA tables, not PBS. Issues with the sync that are determined to not be on the TA side should be directed to Frakture.


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