Error: RE7.exe has stopped working -- when exporting Parent Class Analysis report to Excel

When exporting the preview of the Parent Class Analysis from The Raiser's Edge 7.93, the application freezes and the following error occurs: Error: RE7.exe has stopped working.

This was resolved in The Raiser's Edge 7.95, patch 3, which was released in July 2016 and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services. If your database is installed locally, download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable.

Alternate Solution
From the report preview:
  1. Click the Export button.
  2. Select Format of HTML 3.2 and Destination of Disk file.
  3. Click OK.
  4. In new Export to Directory window, unmark Page navigator and unmark Separate HTML Pages. Specify the desired directory to save the file in. Verify page range. Click OK.
  5. Open Excel.
  6. From Excel, open the HTML file in Excel.
  7. Go to File > Save as.
  8. Save a copy of the file but change the file format to Excel.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Open The Raiser's Edge 7.93
2. Go to Reports > Analytical Reports > Parent Class Analysis
3. Click Preview
4. Click Export from the Preview window
5. Select Excel 8.0 as the export type and Disk File for location*
6. Click OK
7. Proceed to save the file
8. When the export begins to process the error occurs and Raiser's Edge freezes and shuts down


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