The Allocate cash over/short button is missing for drawers that are short/have an overage

Users may notice that the Allocate cash short/over button is missing when trying to correct a Closed Drawer that has a shortage or overage, and is in a Submitted (not Approved) status.
The following outlines when the buttons should or should not show: 
  1. Do any sales (say Daily Sales/Advance Sales) and keep the payment mode as cash/check and then close the drawer mentioning the cash/check payments in the drawer, we will see the Allocate cash/check short button every time in Approve Closed Drawers irrespective of number of drawers that appear.
  2. If you are directly giving an amount in cash/check drawer in Close drawer without doing any sales; then in that case no Allocate button would be displayed.
  3. If You are doing any sales having payment method as Other, then also no Allocate button would be displayed. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Sales, click Approve Closed Drawers 
  2. Note a drawer that has cash over/short or check/over short 
  3. Expand the drawer
  4. Note that the Allocate cash over/short or check over/short button is missing

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