1. Follow the steps in Export of Total Gift Amount is Incorrect in 7.95, patch 1 to export the Total Gift Amount fields
  2. Once the data is exported from RE, sum the new Total Gift Amount fields using a formula field to get the hard and soft credit total for each constituent
    1. From the Field Explorer, right-click on Formula Fields and select New
      Field Explorer
    2. Enter a name for the formula, for example Hard and Soft Credit Total, and click OK
    3. From the Field Tree list, double-click on the CnSmryGft_1_Total_Gift_Amount field
    4. Add the plus sign to the formula
    5. Double-click on the CnSmryGft_2_Total_Gift_Amount field from the Field Tree list
      Formula Editor Window
    6. Click Save and Close
    7. Insert the formula into the report
  3. To get a total of all hard and soft credit gifts for all constituents, insert a summary on the new formula field
    1. Go to Insert > Summary
      Insert Summary Field
    2. Select the new formula field from the first drop down
    3. Select Sum from the second drop down
    4. Leave the third drop down as Grand Total (Report Footer)
      Summary Field
    5. Click OK
    6. The Grand Total summary field will show up in the Report Footer section