The amount and quantity fields are wrong on the order details tab of an order in Altru - when the same constituent was registered twice

When completing a second event registration order in advanced sales for the same constituent, the second order may show as a combination of both orders for the amount and quantity. 
Please Chat with Support with the following information:   
  1. The exact steps to duplicate the issue (click by click).

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a special event.
  2. Go to advanced sales and complete the order for event registration with 2 registrants for the above created special event.
  3. Again go to advanced sales, and add the same constituent as in step 2 as patron for new order.
  4. From the create order tab click on Event registration and add a new registrant for the same special event as created above, click save and then click on add to order.
  5. Now under the order details click on the tickets purchased and click edit.
  6. On the new screen we are able to see all the 3 registrants but we have registered only 1 in this order, and we are also able to edit all of them.
  7. The edit screen should only show those registrants that are added in this particular order and not all those registered by this registrant.
  8. Now, complete the order.
  9. Go to the details of the 2nd order and we will see that the order is a combination of both orders


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