1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grade Calculations > Generate Academic Performance
  2. Click View for the Honor Roll in question
  3. If there are correct results but were not displayed on the report card, verify the Publish checkbox in the upper left corner of the screen is marked
  4. Mark the box if not marked
  5. Click Save & Exit
  6. Verify the Academic Performance category has been selected on the Report Card:
    • Go to Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup > Report Card Builder (old)
    • Click Edit for the Report Card
    • On the General Information tab, verify the Academic Performance category is selected
    • Click Save & Exit
    • Re-run the Report Card
  7. If the Honor Roll is still not appearing correctly on the report card, check the Academic Performance setup:
  8. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grading setup > Academic Performance
  9. Verify the Honor Roll categories and subcategories are correctly identified
  10. Verify the appropriate Grade Average is selected for each, as needed
  11. Click Edit for the Priority 1 Honor Roll Subcategory
  12. Verify the settings are correct on the General Information page
  13. Click on the Grades link on the left
  14. Confirm the grade(s) selected and the operator(s) are appropriate for the Priority level
  15. Repeat for all other Priority levels set for the different Honor Roll categories
Note: If the student in question has a grade that does not fall within the appropriate grade settings here, i.e., Quarter 1 grade must be > B and the student has one grade that is a B, then this student will not be returned in this level of Honor Roll. Oftentimes if a student is not showing as expected of reaching a certain level of Honor Roll, it is due to an incorrect setting.