Participant attributes are missing after processing event registrations

When a user registers and completes an online event form and the transaction is processed into Raiser's Edge, the attribute populates on their participant record. If the user comes back and registers a 2nd time, then it may add the second registration on the same participant record. When this happens the attribute from NetCommunity is not added to the record as there can be only one attribute per participant record.
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Alternative Solution
Participant attributes can be recovered in the plugin by clicking on the transaction details tab before processing or by pulling raw data.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create participant attribute in Raiser's Edge and add to event form, reference How do I add an additional field to an event form? (includes video demo)
  2. Complete from as registrant/participant, complete attribute field on form, and submit
  3. Process event registration into RE batch and commit batch
  4. Review registrant/participant and click on the attributes tab to see the field has populated
  5. Complete event form AGAIN as registrant/participant, complete attribute field, and submit
  6. Process event registration into RE batch and commit batch
  7. Review registrant/participant and see there are multiple tickets but only one attribute


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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