Currently it is not possible to pull a Parent of Candidate’s name into an Enrollment Management Official Note. If one attempts to use the “First Name” individual placeholder, it will pull the candidate’s name. Admission Managers could greet parents either directly or indirectly.

To directly address the parents, you could utilize the custom candidate text fields located under Enrollment Management > Admissions > Admissions Setup > Admissions Options.

For example:
Dear [Admissions Text Field 6],

To set this, an Admission Manager will go to Enrollment Management > Admissions > Admissions Setup > Admissions Options and set one of the Text Field options to be used for “Greeting” (or any variation found suitable).

The workflow within admissions to utilize this new field will then be:

1. Candidate is added to the system.
2. Admission manager will open the candidate’s profile to review parent situation.
3. Admission manager will go to the candidate’s record tab and edit the Candidate Information section.
4. At the bottom of the Candidate Information window, the Admission Manager will populate the custom text field with a greeting for the candidate’s parents.

If this appears to be too much work, Admission Managers can indirectly greet parents.

A few examples that might be used in an Official Note template would be:

With regards to [First Name] [Last Name],

To the parents of [First Name] [Last Name],

To those whom it may concern,

Admission Managers will want to avoid “To the [Last Name] Family” or “To Mr. and Mrs. [Last Name]” as many families will not fit this general criteria.