Go to:
  1. Navigate to Lists > Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions
  3. Click the List Templates tab
  4. Category: Constituent Information
  5. Click View/Copy to the right of Parent of Student​
    • Add User Register to User Base [1]
    • Add grade level under platform
  6. Select Display Fields > Select Fields
    • Mark User ID under User Base
    • Mark Grade Level Under Grade Level
    • Click Select
  7. Mark Enable grouping options
  8. Remove any fields you don't need 
  9. Select the Filters Tab
    • Click + under Global Filters
    • Search for User Register.School Year any of 2015-2016
  10. Select the Order By Tab and select by Grade Level Ascending
  11. Name and Save
  12. Preview 
  13. Save & Exit
  14. Click Copy
  15. Name New List
  16. Under Filters
  17. Click the + and select Grade Level.Grade Level any of (Select grade levels)
  18. Export and edit to remove students that aren't returning