Line 2 on VEC20 report calculates off gross wage amount instead of SUTA amounts that were corrected with a historic entry

When previewing the Virginia State Unemployment report, VEC20, the Wages in Excess of $8,000 on line 2 is calculating based off of gross wage amounts instead of the SUTA amounts in the report when SUTA amounts were corrected with a historic entry.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate: 
1. Payroll > Mail > State and Federal tax reports > State Tax Reports > New
2. Select VA as the State and select "VA VEC-FC-20/21 Reports"
3. Select Quarter 1, this year > Display report
4. Note the amount in line 2 is based of total combined amounts over $8,000 based on employee gross wages from the Adjusted Gross Wage report, when it should be based on adjusted SUTA amounts in the state report that are over $8,000.
5. Note on the pages after the first page of the State report that the SUTA amounts are correct based on historic entries, but the calculation for line 2 is not using those SUTA amounts in the VEC20. Instead they are using the Gross Wage amounts in the Adjusted Gross Wage report for the same period to calculate the total wages over $8,000


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