1. Contact a Site Administrator or Primary Contact at your organization for assistance with resetting your password for Blackbaud Hosting Services. You can view a list of your Site Administrators and Primary Contacts on our Blackbaud.com website.  
  2. If you are a Primary Contact or Site Administrator for your organization, you may reset any Blackbaud Hosting Services user's password on Blackbaud.com, including your own password
  3. Blackbaud Support can assist you with resetting your password by contacting a Site Administrator or Primary Contact for approval.  Blackbaud cannot reset the password without their approval.  If you need assistance, click Chat with Support and provide your Blackbaud Hosting Services username and this article number.
Note: You may also need to obtain the username and password for the specific Blackbaud Application (e.g., The Raiser's Edge; The Financial Edge)