Hard bounced email shows as removed from record in Unusable emails list but is still active on constituent record

When looking through the Unusable email list in Online Express, some emails are indicated to have been removed from the constituent record by a strike through the email address, but were never removed.
When sending emails, Online Express looks to see if the email address is deleted, if the email address was marked inactive, if the constituent is inactive (the case here), if the constituent is deceased, or if the constituent was deleted from RE.  If an email address on a record meets any of those conditions, it will be considered hard bounced and marked as removed.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log into The Raiser's Edge
2.  Select Online Express
3.  Select Email Marketing
4.  Select Unusable Emails
5.  Change the Type to Hard bounce
6.  Choose a email address that has a strike through it and look it up in Records 
7.  On the Bio 1 tab of the constituent, select Email
8.  See the email that is supposed to have been removed
9.  Look at the date last changed and see that it was in the past

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