As a Page Manager:

​1. Navigate to School Website > Website Management > Websites > and click Edit next to your site.

2. Select the Fonts & Images tab.

3. Within the “Images” section, use the “+Add Images” button to upload your desired photo to be used as a watermark/background image.

**Note: The Image should be at a width of at least 2400px**

4. Go to the Styles of your website and use the “+Add Area” button on left to choose an Area style. Name this style “ML: Background Image” or “ML: Background Watermark” (the ML stands for Master Layout).

5. Edit the style.

6. Click where it says, “This is an area style” to begin editing the style’s Container element. 

7. Using the basic options on the left hand side, use the “—Please Select —“ button under “Background Image” you uploaded in step #2.

8. Using the next dropdown under where you selected the photo, choose “Center Center”.

9. In the second dropdown, choose “No Repeat”.

**Note: If your style looks correct, please click save and proceed to step 10. If your image is not transparent like you wish, please do step 9.**

10. In the lower left corner, select “Advanced” to edit the CSS of your style. In the window where you can edit the CSS code, add the following code:

Opacity: .5;

Depending on your desired transparency, change the value of “.5” to a value somewhere between 0 and 1, always being a decimal.

11. Click Save.

12. Go to the Master Layouts of your website and click the title of your desired ML.

13. Click on the paint brush in the upper left to edit the styles of the ML, and using the “Edit Styles” dropdown in the bottom left corner of your screen, select “Body”.

14. Click on the body of your ML and use the “Applied Style” dropdown in the upper left corner to now apply the new style you created in step 3.

15. Click “Apply Changes”