Error: CRecord: Init method must be called before using this object - when matching records in ConnectRE

When matching a record from the ON product in to a Raiser's Edge constituent record, you can click the link to open the RE record and verify the two people are the same.  When closing the record, some users may get the error "CRecord: Init method must be called before using this object" and the constituent record cannot be closed.  The user may then have to force-close the Raiser's Edge using Task Manager.  This issue may be intermittent.
This issue has been resolved in ConnectRE version 1.1.16138.2

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Raiser's Edge and navigate to the ConnectRE plug-in
  2. Select a record to match
  3. Click the link to the matching Raiser's Edge constituent record - record opens
  4. Close record by clicking the X or selecting File > Close
  5. Error occurs, record does not close
  6. User must force close RE


 Raiser's Edge

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