To provide some additional background on the process, E-mail Finder searches for email addresses based upon the name and address submitted and usually find multiple email addresses as most people have multiple emails they use for various purposes.  We return the most recently used email address, but that can be a shared/linked email address.  Here are some examples of how an email address can be shared/linked, as that can cause a relationship with an email address with a name different than that of the constituent:
-              If a gift for someone was ordered over the internet and had the confirmation email sent to another person’s email address, that will cause a linked/shared relationship with the ordering email address. 
-              If a person uses the email address for a family member or friend’s online account (i.e. Amazon Prime) to take advantage of discounts/free shipping but uses their name and shipping/billing information, this will create a linked/shared relationship with the account’s email address.
-              If an email address was set up and used by a parent (or child), that will create a linked/shared relationship with the person who set up the email address. 
-              If someone doesn’t want to enter their own email address when a website or store requires it, and enters a fake email address, the fake email address will also be associated with that person’s name and address.