Note: Unless the field is included in the available fields to choose from in Addressee/Salutations, we will not be able to add the field to the report. The available fields are listed below: 

First name 
Last name
Middle name
Title 1
Title 2
Suffix 1
Suffix 2
Maiden Name
Spouse first name 
Spouse last name
Spouse middle name
Spouse title 1
Spouse title 2 
Spouse suffix 1
Spouse suffix 2
Spouse nickname
Spouse maiden nameSpouse position 
Current status 
Current grade
Class of 
Graduation date
Record ID 
Organization name 
Billing status
Record type
Board type

1. Add an addressee/salutation with the desired field. 
2. Open the report in question from Reports.
3. Select the Format tab.
4. Highlight Name Formats from the left-hand list. 
5. Under the record type you prefer, for the "Select addressee/salutation from" field, select Configuration from the drop-down. 
Name Format Infomation

6. For the "Use" field, select the newly created addressee/salutation (from step 1). 
7. Preview.