​If your organization has not requested network drive mapping and would like it to be enabled, refer to How to save files to a network location from Blackbaud Hosting Services, or create a case in chat support and request this service be enabled for your organization.
  1. Verify that the mapped drives are "connected" by opening Windows File Explorer and accessing the mapped drive location.
    • The file location must have a mapped drive letter associated with it. Citrix Receiver does not support accessing network drives through a UNC path or server name (i.e. \\fileserver\c$\folder\).  
  2. Once you have verified the drive is connected and accessible, Log out of your program and log back in, which allows Citrix Receiver to access the mapped drive.
  3. If you are using Citrix Receiver through a Virtual Desktop (i.e. Citrix Desktop or Remote Desktop Services), contact your IT support and provide them with the following Knowledgebase Article: My network drives are not visible when I use a Hosted application through a virtual desktop
If the steps above do not resolve the issue, Click Chat with Support and provide your Blackbaud Hosting Services username, the name of the application server you are connected to, and this article number.