Error: Data could not be saved. Post date XXX must be in an open period - when rescheduling pledge payment

You may receive the following error when rescheduling installments for a pledge. This pledge may have previous payment made in a closed period, but you are trying to reschedule future payments in open periods. 
If there are any pledge payments related to the pledge that are still marked as "Not Posted" that exist in a closed fiscal period, these will have to be edited to be "Posted" or "Do not Post."

Alternatively, we can open the closed fiscal period to reschedule the pledge: 
  1. Click Financials > Fiscal Years
  2. Click the Fiscal Year, Click Edit
  3. Unmark the Closed Boxes, Save
After opening the fiscal period, you should be able to rescheduled your pledge. After rescheduling the pledge, you can follow the steps above to edit the fiscal year and mark the boxes to close that year. 


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Revenue > transaction search > search the pledge
  2. Navigate to the Installment/Write-off Activity Tab > select Reschedule installments
  3. Change the Next installment date to X > Save > receive error message


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