Fund field not auto-populating in batch when applying gift to recurring gift

When applying cash gift to an existing or outstanding recurring gift the fund field may not auto-fill. 

Issue is caused by the following:
1. In Raiser's Edge navigate to Tools in the menu bar
2. Select User Options and click the Batch tab
3. Select the Default Batch Options and choose Auto-insert by row.

If the option to Auto-insert by field or use F2 is selected, the fields won't populate immediately and the Campaign, Fund and Appeal from the recurring gift will be respected. 

Alternate workaround
Remove defaults for the Campaign, Fund, or Appeal in the batch by following these steps:

1. Go to Tools > Edit Batch Setup

2. Click on "Defaults"

3. Clear all Default fields for Appeal, Campaign, or Fund

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate*:
1. Go into Batch > New Gift Batch
2. Go to Fields and include Campaign, Fund, and Appeal
3. Go to the Defaults tab and enter a default Campaign, Appeal, or Fund
4. Click Data Entry
5. Enter the Constituents Name with the Recurring Gift
6. If prompted to "Apply to" select yes, if not prompted go to Gift > Apply To... > Recurring Gift
7. Notice Fund does not auto-populate

*Prior to duplicating ensure a constituent has a recurring gift on their record


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