How do I create a calendar year Balance Sheet in Fund Statement Designer

If a foundation using a fiscal year other than the calendar year wishes to create a balance sheet for the calendar year, this can be done using the Fund Statement Designer. Conversely, a foundation on a calendar year can also create a fiscal year balance sheet in the same way.
To create a Year to Date Balance Sheet Statement, Follow these steps:

Create a new Statement Type in Design Statements

Enter a three column layout in the Column Format
  • One for the prior year
  • One for the current year
  • One for the total

User-added image

Note:  The periods displayed here will work for a July through June fiscal year.

Hide columns A and B in the column format by adding 'YES' in the Hide Column row.  This will cause only the totals column to be displayed on your statement.

Next, create or copy a row format

Modify the row format's beginning and ending balances
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By adding A in the Print Columns column on Beginning Balance line, the beginning balance will be pulled from the starting year in column A on the column format instead of column C.

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By adding B in the Print Columns column on Ending Balance lines, the ending balances will be pulled from the ending year in column B on the column format instead of column C.

You can now use this statement layout to create a report in fund statement designer.  

Once this is done, run balance sheet using this new statement format.

While the statement is on your screen, click on External Statements>Preview.

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You will see only one column on the external document, which should have the correct beginning and ending balances and activity.

For more information on creating a layout in Fund Statement Designer, please see the attached Fund Statement Designer Guide.

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