BBIS site and feature pop-up issue for new users on v3.0 SQL Server 2014

A v3.0 environment has been migrated from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2014.

Since the migration any new BBIS user added (admin or non-admin) experiences the v4.0 new features pop-up window with every action on the BBIS admin site.

Admin users also don't see the sites listed when they click '(change) > Sites & settings' even though they can be seen when clicking on Sites & settings task in the Administration page.
We are currently evaluating this issue.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:

1. Go the BBIS site and login as an admin user
2. The v4.0 new features pop-up will appear so check the 'Do not show this for future updates' box and close the pop-up
3. Click on Administration and notice the pop-up appears again, this repeats for any new action or page you click on
4. Now go to the top-left of the BBIS admin site and click the 'change' link, notice only see 'Select a site:' displayed but no sites are listed
5. Go to Administration and click Sites & settings and you will see the sites listed


 Chrome;Internet Explorer
 IE11, Chrome 46.0.2490.86 m
 SQL Server 2014
 Blackbaud Internet Solutions

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