An email report part can be utilized to accomplish this. The part must be created and added to the page. 

To create the page:
  1. Navigate to Site Explorer>Pages & Templates
  2. Click New Page
  3. Name the page, Select a Template, click Save
  4. After you're viewing the new page, click within a content pane and click New Part
  5. Enter a part Name
  6. For Part Type select Report (Email)
  7. Click Next
  8. Select the Report Type
    • Email Revenue Summary - The Email Revenue Summary displays the amount of donations collected through a link in the email to a donation page. Website users can filter the report results by date range, message type, and revenue type.
    • Email Activity Summary -  The Email Activity Report displays details for each email sent including the email title, type, sender's name, and date sent. Other details include the number of opened and bounced emails, and the number of page visits generated by each email. The report also contains a bar graph which shows the total number of opened, bounced emails, and page visits for all emails included in the report. Website users can filter the report results by email type, date range, and action.
  9. Select any other desired options
  10. Click Save