1. Open each constituent record > Click the Events tab to determine which event they share in common.
  2. Click the Sales Order tab on the constituent record to find the order. Determine which constituent has the order for the event on their constituent record.
  3. Click Tickets > Program Search
  4. Search for and select the program that was purchased in the order.
  5. Click the Events List tab on the program
  6. Click on the event link that both constituents are registered for.
  7. Click the Registrants tab 
  8. Click on the green downward arrows next to the registrant > Click Edit.
  9. In the Registrant field, click the magnifying glass and search for the same constituent that purchased the order so that the host matches the registrant.
  10. Click Save.
Note: If this was done correctly, you can go to each constituent record, Events tab, and only one constituent should show the event on their record.
  1. Click Constituents > Duplicates > Merge two constituents
  2. Enter your source and target constituents again, select a merge configuration, select to delete the source constituent
  3. Click Merge button