Some data moves in both directions, while other data moves only from Luminate Online (LO) to Luminate CRM (LCRM). There is no type of data that syncs one way from LCRM to LO, as LCRM is intended to be the database of record. The following table shows which data flows both ways, and which data flows only one way:
Two-Way DataOne-Way Data: Luminate Online to Luminate CRM Only
  • Contacts (Constituents)
  • TeamRaiser Registrations
  • TeamRaiser Teams
  • TeamRaiser Gifts (Event, Team, Participant)
  • Donations
  • Recurring Pledges
  • eCommerce transactions
  • Calendar Event ticket transactions (all)
  • Calendar Event attendee information (selected RSVP, Ticketed events, Multi-day events)
  • Personal Fundraising transactions
It is important to note that not all data on these objects will syncs - only the data in specific fields will sync. This is true for both two-way and one-way syncs. The Luminate Field Mapping Guide shows which fields will transfer.