Why are my images failing to upload in bulk?

The most common cause of images failing to upload when added in bulk is the size of the images. Images taken on modern Digital Cameras can be 10 Megapixels or more, which is much larger than need to be effectively displayed and viewed on a webpage. To handle this, our software re-sizes images down to be no more than 2400 pixels wide. If you are uploading a large number of images, the process of re-sizing them all can take a very long time or fail to complete.
Note: For comparison 2400 x 2400 pixels is about 5.8 Megapixels.

How do I prevent this from happening?

The best way to make sure images upload and process correctly and quickly is to re-size them prior to upload. Images you upload to onCampus, onMessage, or Core should be no more than 2400 pixels wide. If you images are already sized at or below this, the system will not need to resize them, saving processing and upload time.

If you find that even with smaller image resolutions, your upload is not going through, it's recommended you try adding the images in batches of 20-30 at a time instead of all at once.