Pending Suggestions, Grants Pending and Grants Paid sections show up on the Fund Summary page and can be enabled by going to Site Configuration > Fund Summary.
  1. After a Donor submits a Grant Suggestion, it will show in the ‘Pending Suggestions’ section. After you import the suggestion into FIMS, it stays in the Pending Suggestions section.
  2. Once you approve/post the grant in FIMS, it will then move to show under the ‘Grants Pending’ section.
  3. After you have Paid the grant, it will move to the ‘Grants Paid’ section.
  • The section names listed above are the defaults, but they can be renamed.
  • This process works best if you use the import utility for Grant Suggestions. If you enter Grants by hand into FIMS, it may take a day for them to show up on the Fund Summary page.
  • If the suggestion disappears from the ‘Pending Suggestions’ section after you import it into FIMS, search for another article that contains a solution for that.
  • On the Fund Summary Configuration page there is a section called ‘Grants in Process’. This is linked to a legacy product and should be ignored by most clients. We have already contacted the clients who will be using it.