You can create a list that will display the members of community groups. This is done through an advanced list.

To create a new Advanced list. go to

  1. Analysis
  2. Manage Lists
  3. Manage basic and advanced lists
  4. Click Add > Create Advanced list

Add the following objects: (The category the objects are found in are included in parenthesis)

  • Community Base (Community Group)
    • Community Group Detail (Community Group)
      • Community Group Member (Community Group)
        • User Base (Constituent Information)

    dd the following Display Fields:

    • Community Base.Community Title
    • User Base.First Name
    • User Base.Last Name
    • User Base,Email

    Add the following Global Filters:

    • Community Base.Community Title - is (insert name of community group)
    • Community Group Member.Status - any of Current Member
    • Click Preview
    • Name your list and Save & exit