To add the "View All News" button this will need enabled within the Style being used on for the News Item/Page.

Navigate to:
  1. School Website > Website Management > Websites > Site Name
  2. Select the Styles tab
  3. Edit the style that is being used for the News Item/Page
  4. Change the Default dropdown to Content Types
  5. Select the News icon (looks like the american flag or a newspaper)
  6. Under Display on the right hand side, select the Archive option (the checkmark will turn Green to show its active within the style)
  7. Click on the word Archive in the middle of the page, bottom left hand corner
  8. In the left hand column, in the button label field, type what you would like to see the button labeled as such as " View All News"
 User-added image
  1. Select Apply Changes in the bottom right