If the grade plan grade to be included in the grading calculation uses a grade translation, then there should be Min. and Max. Score values entered in the translation. If the student's recorded grade falls outside of the Min. and Max. range, then the Equiv. Value for that grade will apply. If there is no value entered for the Equiv. Value of that grade, then the Max. Score is used.

There is a defect in the code in the case where a grade of zero is recorded and the Min. Score is also zero; the calculator doesn't recognize it as a unique value. Therefore, either the Equiv. Value (if applicable) or the Max. Score will be used in the grading calculation.

For example, a final average grade to be calculated uses the following formula:
Q1 = 22%
Q2 = 22%
Q3 = 22%
Q4 = 22%
Final Exam = 12%

The following grades have been recorded for a student:
Q1 grade = 89
Q2 grade = 83
Q3 = 50
Q4 = 0
Final Exam = 62

The grade plan group for the course uses the following grade translation:
Grade Translation table example
Based on the formula, the student's final grade should be calculated as 56.28. However, because the formula doesn't recognize the 0 as a score within the Min. and Max. range, and there is no Equiv. Value set, the Max. Score of 69.49 is used, and the student's grade is calculated as 71.57.

By changing the student's grade from a 0 to something within the range, i.e., a .01, the calculator will use that value in the formula.