Some orders appear on multiple user's total revenue and payment report

When running the total revenue and payments report by user, you may notice that some orders, specifically pay on arrival orders, appear under multiple users. When running the total revenue and payments report on all users those orders only appear once. The orders may appear under two separate users if the order was initially created by one user and completed by another.
This occurs when the order was created by one user, and the payment was taken by another user. 

Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue, its impact in the software, and the availability of an alternative solution. After careful consideration, we have determined that this issue will not be addressed currently in the Altru software. Product Development will be focusing development resources in other existing areas of the product, as well as new feature development.  Please subscribe to this idea and vote if you would like to see the functionality changed in the product. Currently, when filtering the Total Revenue and Payments Report on specific users, Pay on Arrival orders will show under the user who initially added the order and the user who completed the order. 



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