Comment status approval box grayed out in FAWeb

When attempting to approve comments in FAWeb status box is grayed out. User with comment approval rights cannot update status for certain faculty members' comments. 
1. Log in to FA Web as faculty member to enter comments. 
2. Select Gradebook > Enter grades by student
3. Select Marking column, Class, and Student from drop-downs.
4. Click Grades for class ready for registrar? 
5. Mark as Not ready.
6. Press OK.
7. Press Save. 


Steps to Duplicate

1. Log in to FAWeb as faculty member.
2. Select Gradebook > Enter grades by student.
3. Enter a comment.
4. Note comment status box is grayed out and unable to be edited.
5. Select Gradebook > Enter grades by course
6. Click Manage comments.
7. Set status to Not Ready.
8. Press Save and log out.
9. Log in to FA Web as faculty with user rights to approve comments.
10. Select Gradebook > Approve comments
11. Select appropriate marking column, view by teacher, teacher, and class.
12. Find your student and note status box is still grayed out.

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