Because we can associate teachers with a class based on term, we are able to switch teachers midway through the year, and still see the original teacher's name listed in report cards for the term that they were teaching said class. If a teacher is replaced mid-term, then the original teacher will not show on report cards at all.

Example: Cathy is teaching Science for the first semester. Cathy leaves the school, and Marty replaces her. Marty is then listed as the teacher for the second semester. Cathy is still listed as having taught the first semester. 
If we look at a report card for one of the students in the Science class, you'll notice that the first semester will list Cathy as the teacher, and second semester will list Marty.

To Edit Teachers:

1. Go to Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules.
2. Select Set Section Info.
3. Select the desired Year, Group Type, Level, and Term.
4. Locate the section of the class that you're trying to edit.
       User-added image
5. Click on the desired teacher's name. 
6. In the dropdown menu, select the new teacher for the course section.