For the Luminate Online (LO) / LCRM, or Raiser's Edge integration, data syncs into LCRM, or Raiser's Edge using a piece of middleware known as the Luminate Service Bus. The data syncing out of LO into LCRM, or Raiser's Edge via the service bus is governed by a task known as the "Sweeper Task." The sweeper task is set to run on an every 15 minutes basis. Sometimes data may take one or two runs of the sweeper task to sync from LO over to LCRM, or Raiser's Edge depending on how much data is in queue to be sent over.

There are a variety of reasons a transaction or data may take longer than the anticipated time frame. Users should consider the type of data and volume of transactions syncing at any given time. In the RELO integration, for example, users may find TeamRaiser transactions which carry constituent, gift, event, and attribute data take longer than other transactions to sync.

For data syncing into LO from LCRM, or Raiser's Edge the integration actually makes an API call from LCRM, or Raiser's Edge into LO to sync the data. So, for changes made in LCRM, or Raiser's Edge syncing into LO the changes should be almost real-time.