Error: Credits earned are required when the 'Use Final Grades' GPA option is selected

When entering transfer grades, users may receive an error message when entering 0 in the Credits Earned field with the GPA field marked as either Use Final Grades, or Use Term Grades. 
Instead of entering a 0, enter 0.0 in the Credits Earned field and click Save. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to onRecord > Procedures > Grading.
2. Select Manage Grades.
3. Find the student you're wishing to add a transfer grade to.
4. Under their name, select view next to Grades & Credits - Transfer.
5. Click Add Transfer Course.
6. Select the desired information.
7. In the GPA field select either Use Term Grades or Use Final Grades.
8. Select a Grade and Credit Attempted.
9. In the Credits Earned field enter 0.
10. Click Save.
11. Receive error message.

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