Both Closed and Unpublished statuses would restrict constituents from viewing their personal pages, while the Accepting Registrations and Accepting Gifts would allow participants to either register or donate on the front end. To resolve this, set the status to Accepting Registrations Only, then go into the participation types of the event and deactivate them:
  1. Navigate to Fundraising > select TeamRaiser
  2. Edit the event in question
  3. Skip to step 17. Publish
  4. Change the status to Accepting Registrations Only
  5. Skip back to step 7. Manage Participation Types
  6. Edit the participation type in question
  7. Click step b. Select Type Options
  8. Change option 3. Availability to Inactive
  9. Repeat for other participation types
  10. Save the Event
Constituents will still see the registration button on the front end, but they will not be able to proceed past the initial screen because there will be no participation types available. Active constituents will still be able to access their personal pages and admins will also be able to enter offline gifts.