Error: The web address is invalid - When trying to add privacy and preference links to emails

When attempting to add privacy and preference links to emails in Altru, you may encounter the error "The web address is invalid".
This can be caused by invalid HTML code for the link. To create the link, delete the <a> tag for the link in the HTML code of the message.
  1. Edit the email 
  2. Click the HTML button in the email editor
Note: Copy all HTML code out of the editor, and save in notepad before proceeding. Once changes are made, they cannot be undone. 
  1. Click CTRL and the 'F' key on the keyboard to find the link to edit
  2. Search for the word of the link that needs to be edited. For example: Search for Privacy Policy if that was the text for the link that could not be added.
  3. Remove the <a> tags from around the text for the link.
  • The link may show as the following in the HTML code: 
<a href="">Privacy</a> 
  • Remove the <a> tags to only leave the following in the HTML code: 
  1. Click the Update button
  2. Highlight the text for the link
  3. Click the Link icon
  4. Choose special page, and choose the correct page
  5. Click the OK button 
  6. Click the OK button 

Note: Altru Support does not support customizations involving CSS or HTML.  If you need further assistance, we recommend using a web developer with design experience.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Marketing and communications, Select Appeal mailings
  2. Click Add, then give it a name, date, appeal, and click next
  3. Select the email option and click Add in the write your letters content section
  4. Click the chain link icon, Select special page option, then select Webforms Email Preferences
  5. Click Ok to see error 


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