The Grateful Patient Solution and Enhanced Grateful Patient Solution allows for an optional Donor Matching file submission.  This is a separate file from your screening file and contains biographical information on all of the individuals currently in your constituent database. The file can be submitted as often as once weekly. 

Our process requires you to submit a comma separated value (.csv) named WPOT_Integration.csv each time it is submitted.  The order of the columns must remain the same for each file you send.  If the field order changes, your results will not be processed correctly. 


First Name

Last Name

Home Address Line 1

Home Address Line 2

Home City

Home State

Home Zip Code

Spouse First Name

Spouse Last Name

Last Gift Amount

Last Gift Date

Total Gift Amount

5 optional custom fields, as set up with your Data Analyst. If you wish to change your custom fields after your initial setup, you will need to schedule a call with your Data Analyst to discuss needed changes.


If you have questions regarding your field layout, please contact your Data Analyst or the Target Analytics Support Team (