Certain information from your donation forms in Luminate Online transfer to The Raiser's Edge as attributes on the gift record. The attributes include specific details from your Luminate Online database including: Luminate Online Gift ID, Luminate Online DonationType, and Luminate Online Donation Form. The following steps detail how to Query on the Luminate Online Gift ID.

1. In The Raiser's Edge 7, create a Gift query
2. On the Criteria tab, select Attributes > Specific Attributes
3. Select Luminate Online Gift ID>Luminate Online Gift ID Description
4. Set the Operator value to 'equals' and input the ID

a. Set the Operator value to 'not blank' to output all gift records in Raiser's Edge with a Luminate Online Gift ID attribute

5. Click the Run Now button

NOTE: The Luminate Online Gift ID is a unique value generated in Luminate Online at the time the gift was created. This is not the same value as the Raiser's Edge Gift ID.